Sunday, October 21, 2007

Journey to Læsø

It is actually quite a far trip, going to Læsø.

Last saturday we had to leave quite early - at 9, we wanted to have plenty of time to catch the 12.30 ferry from Frederikshavn - and it's a 3 hour drive from here.

We were up and all packed, and rolled out of our driveway at 8.59, som you gotta say we were precise!

Actually, we were in very good time to catch the ferry, even though we'd stopped into a McD's on the way to get coffee. And the weather was just glorious!

On the ferry, Bodil didn't want to get outside on the deck with us - she was comfy with her MP3 inside.


At this point, we were hungry - so we got a bit to eat on the ferry. It was good, but very expensive! It was the only bought food we got that week - so it didn't really matter.

After we'd eaten, some of us wanted to go outside to feel the air and look at the water.


And suddenly we could see land!


We rented our cottage over the internet. It looked fine there - a renovated farm house, just outside of Vesterø. Seeing it for real, it actually was better than we expected - nice and clean and cozy, and the owners lit a fire for us and set flowers in the living room.


The weather was still nice, and a yellow, sunbaked wall commands coffee-drinking outside. So we did.


The kids would rather sit inside and watch telly - but that was over fairly soon, coz there were only 2 channels!


Instead we took to one of our favourite vacation passtimes: playing! We love to family-gamble, and this week we've played tons of card and dice, lots of chess, several games of "Draw and Guess" and even a game of Monopoly (which I won).

Here the arch rivals of chess meet.


Oh, we had a lovely week. I've gotten my pace waaay down, on top of a couple of very busy weeks before our vacation.

I feel how my shoulders have left the vicinity of my ears, and I like it.

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