Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's good to be out...

... but it's great to come home.

That is, at least, how it feels, when you come back to your OWN bed, after a wonderful weeks worth of vacation.

We arrived home last night at 10 - on the way home we stopped off in Storvorde, where my mother fed us late lunch and dinner. My sister and her family joined us for dinner, and we had a good time.

At 8 we rolled on home - knowing that the car had to be emptied and the house had to be warmed up. So we drove south, with music in the car. First by Tina Dickow - we just bought her new album, "Count to ten", and we had to hear it. Good stuff - we both enjoy this little blond dane that sounds like a mix between Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt.

After Tina finished, we broke into song ourselves - Bruno and I went through a medley of old danish evergreens. Starting in Skanderborg, we worked our way through a bunch of songs - sometimes the kids were able to join in.

In that manner time passed quicker. Well at home, Bodil went straight to bed - she was beat. Kristian started up his computer and TV - he was needing a shot.
Bruno and I unpacked and started the washer - and tried to keep warm in the still cold house.

But boy, it was good to get into my own bed!

Andreas thought the same. He came home yesterday, and leaves again tomorrow. He is stationed at Rosenborg at the moment, where he looks out for her Majesty. He mostly gets one day off, and its been like that for a while. Troublesome, when you have an hour transport to Copenhagen, before you can head on home.

Tomorrow Bodil goes to Copenhagen with her class, and Bruno goes to Germany for work. Kristian and I get to look after each other.

I bet we can handle that.

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