Sunday, October 21, 2007

Assorted experiences

Læsø is a marvellous island, and even if it is quite small, it is full of experiences. We even skipped some - one was seal-safari with a fishing boat, it seemed to us it must be a cold trip here in october, even with the fine weather we had.

We had plenty of other things going on, though. Near "our" cottage we found gården Storhave. Here you can grind your own flour, pet a goat and se a sheep get a haircut. That was not what we came for, though.


Another activity was dipping candles - and Bodil and Kristian really wanted to do that. Bodil went for the traditional method, and Kristian made a porcupine candle - a round wax plate where drips make the "needle", that you put around a regular round candle.


While the kids worked, and Bruno drank coffee read books on Læsø, I looked around in the shop, where you can buy Læsø soap and the places own candles. I found som candles I needed, for the dark months ahead.

Another joyful experience was the trip Bodil, Kristian and I went on, on horseback to se the wet area, Rønnerne. We rode icelandic horses. Bruno didn't go, he is not much of a horse-person and would rather take a walk.


Kristian never tried horseback riding before, so we took a beginners trip. He did just fine, even if his horse was a bit silly - it took off after another horse, and kicked its hind legs if someone got to close behind it.


Horseback riding is a fantastic way to see this flat, wet area. We'd been out there earlier on foot, but soon we had to give up, because our sneakers didn't suit that kind of terrain - we would have needed rubber boots or something. On horseback it is no problem - they dont mind getting their feet wet...


Then there was the day where we took a walk on the north island. Læsø is full of gorgeous areas, and nature varies a lot. This day we walked out on the beach and home inland.


The beach was lovely. And there were lots of beautiful shells, wanting to come home with us.



Inland the nature changed a lot. We went on narrow paths through the damp lowland, and the fresh air went to some heads (ahem...).


Something happensto the light and the sky, when you go north in Denmark. It is so beautiful. And for once the kids didn't complain about how far we had to walk. I think the variation kept them happy.


Oh yes ... and we visited Læsø Uldstue... A fine old Læsø-dwelling on the outside, and a bountyland of lovely yarns and beautiful knitted items.


For every step I took in there, I fell in love with colours and textures. But I controlled myself, and only bought 2 rolls of Kidopale mohair for a scarf. That I came back for a BIT more later, we don't have to mention now....


Naturally we couldn't go to Læsø without visiting saltsyderiet! Everyone in Denmark knows Læsø salt - and this summer I got a glass of it as a present, with built in spice, and found out how delicious it is (Thank you Lene) Now we had a chance to see where they make the salt.


We heard a lecture on the salty history of Læsø, and how the salt is made, to this day. There are actually 20 people working there. It started in 1991.


We bought some salt, of course - a bit cheaper than I've seen it at home.

Yes - we did have a vacation full of experiences, and then I didn't even tell you about the day, Bruno and I went for a walk in a landscape that was almost african...


It even had snakes!!


...well ... there was this one snake ... even if it wasn't very big.
And a pretty red mushroom - I wonder if it was poison??


Yeah ... it is really wild, that nature on Læsø....

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