Sunday, September 30, 2007

Deadly dance steps II & III

This week we had TWO dance lessons.

As Bruno was ill last week, we took two rounds to catch up a little.

Wednesday night was a disaster. The floor was very crowded, and besides having to maneuver in very little space, we seemed to have forgotten a lot of what we had learnt two weeks prior....

Actually we were nearly at the point of leaving prematurely. Bruno had a dangerously frustrated frown-line on his forehea (it's for FUN, babe...), and I was honestly considering giving up getting that neurological connection with my lower extremeties, that obviously was missing.

We did stay the full lesson - yeah! Even though we had to drown our sorrow in good red wine when we got home!

Thursday there were plenty of space - and things went pretty good, except for that jive-thing, that we are both lacking a firm grip on - except for the basic steps. There is something one-way-and-the-other-way-round, after the basic steps, that I can't seem to figure out, and Brunos legs sort of forget to dance in all the confusion.

We didn't give up, though! In the middle of trying very hard to get that jive - more in a hard working manner than in a graceful one - one of the other ladies (of course someone wearing heels)danced up on top of my foot. Ouch!!

I had to stop - so fortunately the lesson was nearly over, but I couldn't fit in my shoe due to a blue, pidgeon-egg shaped bump on my foot. And it was smarting up into my ancle.
So we drove home, and I put ice on it. I slept badly, and the next day my foot was throbbing when I put it down - so I stayed home and kept my foot up.

It was still sore on saturday, but I was able to walk some on it. Today I am fine - now only sore to the touch, that bump is nearly gone, even if there is an ugly bruise.

And the lady dancing on my foot didn't even apologize after cramping my jive-stile even more than it allready was...

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