Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last weekend

Last sunday we had a lovely trip to Silkeborg - and a sailing trip with and elderly lady ... here she is:


The weather was nice, we had coffee and cake and had an open bar in the front of the boat.


The trip took a couple of hours - where we enjoyed the lovely scenery. We were in good company - it was a company trip too, with Brunos colleagues.


Clouds were a bit threatening ... but they behaved! After a few hours we stopped at Hotel Julsø. It's a funny old building, but you can't say anything bad about the view from the terrace, where we got a drink before dinner.


The food was really delicious! Italian buffet, with lovely chilean wines - yum!
We had a marvellous time - actually one of Brunos colleagues and I, that we had lived door by door at a students complex in Skive - that is, he lived there 4-5 years before me, but still :-)

We were home at nine thirty at night - tired and full of good food!

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