Monday, September 24, 2007

Finally done!

This spring and summer I have knitted one square after another, from yarn I picked up on the market in Fredericia one rainy spring saturday.

I didn't want to get the expensive wool quality, because the blanket had to serve a slightly sloppy young lady, keeping her gorgeous shanks warm on cool winter nights.

A couple of weeks ago I knitted the final square. Then I did all the loose ends, and after a weekend with the crochet-needle nearly red-hot, Bodils rug was done!


Yipeee! Bodil was happy. Now the blanket is on her bed.

...but NOW what do I gotta do?? I thing it'll be warm socks and fingerless gloves for the next roleplay season...


eduardo waghorn said...

Your patience got its award: your wonderful work art:)
Greetings from Chile!!

Lizelotte said...

Thanks Eduardo :-)