Sunday, August 12, 2007

My town

Fredericia is a good place to live.

Situated on a central spot in Denmark, yet close to woods and forests. Towns like Kolding, Vejle, Middelfart and even the cities of Odense and Århus are within reasonable driving distance - and to boot, buying a home is not that costly here.

It is nice being able to drive easily to larger towns - sometimes it's nice to see other shops and facilities. But nine times out of ten I get by just fine with Fredericia.

You won't find me rolling my eyes and going on about how lousy a shopping town Fredericia is - but maybe I'm just not very demanding :)

Friday I enjoyed my walk in the center of town after visiting Lund+Lund. I had to get that birthdaypresent, and I also had a gift certificat from my bonus children, burning in my bag - it just had to go!

For quite a while now, Downtown has been under reconstruction. We got a lovely new city hall square (nobody did anything to improve our ugly city hall - sadly), and the shopping area has gotten new tile and water sculptures etc.

Water art in Fredericia

On city hall square there was commotion - stands were set up, and some guys were playing swingin' jazz of the oldfashioned foot-stomping kind.

I hurried on, coz I was set for the purse-shop. My old white purse with Disney characters on it was coming apart at the seams and needed replacing. I fell promptly in love with a gloveskin thing in brandy brown. The price tag said 2000 kr. (about 280 EUR)- I thought that to be a bit much, considering what I usually put my purses through.

So I ended up with this:

My new purse

Thanks for the gift, Lasse and Christina!

On another square - Ryes Square - tables were out in front of the irish pub, and a team of basque folk dancers were at it.

Dancers from the Basque country

The music was fiery, feisty and sunbaked, and there was a great atmosphere.

When I got home, I got yet another gift. My self-bred chiliplants, that has been altering between overwatering and drying out all summer, had grown fruits - without me noticing!

My plant has grown chilies!

Impressive, considering the treatment they have been getting. But that is life - stubborn and bountiful...


Roberta said...

hey downtown looks so different than what I remember!
Can you take more pictures?

It is funny as the memories are not great but I always liked Fredericia, it has been such a long time and yet it is fresh on my mind, but then the new pics dont match!
Take more! Please?

Lizelotte said...

I will, I will ... :-)