Sunday, August 12, 2007

My unholy sunday

Once upon a time it was the general belief, that you should keep sunday sacred - as in: Don't do any sort of work!

In that perspective, I have had a quite unholy sunday!
The result is that my house is shining like a new penny. Closet scrubbed down, taps polished, table tops soaped white, my toilette table freshly soap-treated, the bathroom scented with cleaners ... it is just nice here!

The house needed it badly after all these honeymoon-days, just spent ... well ... honeymooning!

Bruno has been busy too. He polished my little mazdamobile, and it was in great need! Red cars get SO ugly, when they need wax! But now the mazdamobile is red as a wet cherry candy, and it looks like a million! :)

Tomorrow it is getting a new muffler, and is checked through, when Bruno is taking it to my car-clever brother-in-law, John. My car will be brand new!
Tuesday it is going in for a lawful control, and I think it will slide through no problem, just as usual, even though it is an elderly lady (from 1991).

Now we have wrinkly fingers and hungry tummies. It's a good thing dinner is nearly ready!


Roberta said...

Hey it seems like the right thing, I mean if you have been RELIGIOUS lately it was about time you had an unholy sunday!

I had to say I kept the weekend pretty religious!(lucky me!)

But now I am thinking the house could use a bit of srubbing as I have been less than estelar in that department due to broken toe! Now I am out of excuses as toe is clearly in the mend!

always good to read you!

Lizelotte said...

Minha docinha, you are truly a saint - in a wicked way ;-)

After you finished your cleaning, you might start up that blog ... I look forward to reading it!