Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yummy Yarn!

Today, when I went for errandss in Fredericia, I stopped by Lund+Lund. It is for sure the most advanced hand crafts store in town. You don't find cheap synthetic yarn there, but a store just oozing joy of hand crafts, atmosphere - and quality.


Some years ago this was an antiquarium, dealing in old magazines and books. Back then the long, narrow shop was full of exiting messes. Now it's predominated with pleasant setups and colours.

Covers for hyacinths

Like these machine embroidered hyacinth covers. Here you can get anything from luxurious textiles, over yarns in all the colours of the rainbow and to your hearts desire of embroidering equipment. You find buttons, zippers, cool chochet-needle with crafted shafts, round-counters, magnet tablets for keeping up with your knitting pattern - and least but not last, you can have some good advice from Susanne and Jytte, that own the store.

Lovely knitted purse

I wouldn't mind if Susanne gave me this bag for christmas! I am working on plan to get some of our kids hitched up, so we can be relatives ... but I don't think I'll succeed. ;-)

All that yarn...

There is just so many luxurious yarns, in so many lovely colours. Actually Susanne and Jytte also host a knitting café - where they share their great experience and knowledge of knitting. Here despairing amateurs like myself can come for help.

Susanne embroidered this purse

And why am I writing all this? Am I getting a provision? Not really - I just like the shop. And I have known Susannefor many years - as she is a co-worker of mine at Bankdata - only a part time one, as the shop takes up the rest of her working hours. She minds the shop along with Jytte, who is by he way her sister in law.

I want to learn how to sow!

And I really love, when someone like Susanne and Jytte don't just talk about how cool that ultimate craftshop would be, and instead go for it! I think that is cool - respect! They didn't just talk about it - and that is lucky for my town.

If you like patchwork...

My visit took a fair amount of time today. I took pictures, caressed pretty, soft yarns and ran my fingers over shawls that looked like they were made out of pretty spider webs. I was seriously tempted - but at the moment I am knitting a patch blanket out of cheaper yarns for my daughter, and I want to finish it before I go and buy more yarn. I did find a nice wool yarn that really wanted to come home with me...

Apples, roses and the sky

Even though the shop was busy, Susanne and Jytte found a bit of time to chat. Recently they extended their business to include a
webshop ... it is not quite the same, but still...

You'll have to excuse me now. I gotta go finish that blanket for Bodil!

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