Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I've really gotten used to having my lovely man at home.
Last year he was off here and there, for several weeks at a time - but for the past 6 months he's only taken off for Kolding every day :-)
And then what happens??

2 days in Sweden this week. 2 days in Germany next week.
And then it's the season for exhibitions - mostly in Germany.

He left early monday morning (kissing me right in the middle of my sleepy face before he left) - and fortunately he will be back home tonight. I look forward to sleeping next to him again - the bed was too big, and my feet were cold last night!

But somehow it is really nice to miss - when it's just for a couple of days.

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Roberta said...

You are so right about it!
I know I will enjoy my days in Rio but I also know 13 days( and nigths) away from Mike will be really hard!

Wish he was going with me to Rio!