Monday, August 27, 2007

Bodil takes off from the nest...

Well - not right now, that is.

But when next school year starts - for a long time now, she's talked about a year away on a boarding school, and we have researched the possibilities. Today we visited what we believe is THE school - namely Højer Designefterskole.

The school aims at different types of design, and Bodil - creativ as she is, she has long wanted to learn the craft of cutting and sewing. That I cannot help her with, as my sewing skills are really only up to sewing fruit bags and curtains...

The school has a textile design line that appealed to us - plus the fact that the school is directed at design in general.
This is quite opposite many other schools, where textile design is only mentioned in the passing.

Our impression of the people, the school, the rooms, the surroundings - everything was positive, and Bodil was exited! She is ready to start tomorrow...

It is also good, that you can drive there in just 1½ hour.
All we lack now is filling in the application form. We soon will.

And then Bodil will leave the nest for a while - in a year.
How peaceful this house will be :-) good to know she will come home on the weekends with her big gestrues, warm hugs and loud outbursts!


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