Thursday, August 30, 2007

Champagne bubbles

Yesterday I stopped in the middle of a sentence, in the middle of my day - and felt bubbles in the pit of my stomach.

Bona fide champagne bubbles, because life right now is good. Flow ... I sense flow in what I do.

My worklife runs smoothly - I've just been given a new field of responsibility and a title I fought for, but couldn't have, a few years ago. I juggle a lot of different tasks easily (to the worry of my project manager), but I can easily fit in a few more.

August has been full of nice experiences. Having my young son home from vacation at his fathers - happy and content. A lovely girls trip to Rome. A pleasant evening in the company of my female co-workers. Re-uniting with my stampclubfriend (who recognized myself on my blog :-) and all the other people from my school years.

And then just ... flow ... on the private front as well. Amourous looks from the lovely man I share last name and double duvet with. A happy and relatively manageable teenage daughter, that is thriving with what she does. An oldes son, in love in a harmonic relationship, knowing what he wants to do with his future. My youngest son happy as usual - loving and good. My bonus children well on their way - also happy and busy, with their under as much control as you can hope. My own heart full of joy over all this.

Champagne bubbles - light and pearly in amber fluid - in my stomach.

And I haven't drunk a drop.
Then why does it tingle so on my tongue?

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Roberta said...

How nice to read about you being in such a good place in life!
Thanks for sharing!