Thursday, August 30, 2007

Candy for grown-ups!

Yum yum!

Some times done deeds don't go unpaid.

Recently I helped Lene from Liber Vin write some texts she needed to advertise her wines.

So yesterday she gave me this bottle:


...oh golly! It's a Valpolicella, partly made after the Amarone method. Meaning that 30% of the grapes have been dried partially in wooden boxes before the wine is made. And it is so delicious! The scent just rolls out of the glass - full of dark tones and forest floor and vanilla ... and in the mouth it has so much presence, fruity and full without being heavy and sweet.

It is from the year 2000 so it is completely ready to drink! It can lie for another 2-3 years, but I don't think that will happen now!



eduardo waghorn said...

Sailing in blogosphere i found your interesting and original blog...
Have you tedted our chilean wine??:)
Let me read it with calm,using my translator...
Anyway, I want to send you a warm hug from Chile.
Visit me if you want and send me your comment, even on danish, that sounds so sweet:)
Keep blogging

Lizelotte said...

Hello Eduardo! I know a lot of chilean wine, and I am a big fan of it! Chilean wine is very big here, actually...

Thank you for visiting ... hugs for you too!