Sunday, September 2, 2007

Food in flames

Friday I was feeling culinary, and with my mother visiting and Andreas and Kristina home for dinner, it was clear that I must make coq au vin.

Here is a small instruction on how to do a flambé:

REMEMBER to turn off the cooker hood. It is not a good idea to have it suck flames. Then gently pour the brandy over the chicken in the pot:


Notice my favourite pot. I love it. It does everything - including simmering in the oven with a lid. All that missing is a self-washing function ... it doesn't do that, but it's close, because it's teflon...

Once brandy is applied, you call for the kids and others with pyromanic character traits. Then you put a match to it, while you carefully keep your eyebrows, hair, and other body parts, clear.


Woooow it looks great!! Then I added spices and a bottle of wine, and it bubbled peacefully for an hour - before I shortened the sauce - and then dinner was ready. It was deeeelicious - and all gone when we left the table.

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