Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Nivea DNAge

Maybe its just me. I must be the wrong skin type or something.

But whenever I decide to do something good for my facial skin, and I buy a cream meant to make my wrinkles disappear miraculously, I have a problem.

My face shines like a lamp. It looks like I have dipped my face in grease, and it is not pretty.

Nivea DNAge is no exception to that rule. I like the scent and the texture - but I am not a big foundation or concealer-fan, and I don't like being all shiny.

Maybe my skin isn't oldish enough. It simply can't eat up all the goodness in those creams.
So I gave the day cream to my mom (she's 73 so she probably IS old enough) and kept the night cream - coz Bruno doesn't mind a bit of shinyness at night before we turn the light out, and I do like the night cream.

The eye cream ... well, its okay, but I never really saw the point in those eye creams. I do just fine with face cream - on my eyes as well....

My wrinkles?? Well, they are just fine. The only effective way of making them disappear that I found so far, is taking off my contacts ... ;-)

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