Friday, July 6, 2007

A small testrun

We just grabbed a couple of days on Djursland. The tentwagon was tested properly before we go on our "real" vacation to Cevennes in the south of France.

We stayed on a small camping site, Elsegårde Camping - near Ebeltoft. It was to be recommended, as it was cozy, neat and well equipped for its size, with both a small store, a miniature golf course and a pool. Strangely the weather behaved rather well.

We tested out the miniature golf course, and of course, Bruno won :-/


Actually Kristian was the stylish one - golf is his game, as he plays once a week with his father. But Bruno won anyway - he is just too lucky!!

The area is just so beautiful. Green and hilly and lovely - it drove us quite bonkers...


We found a viewing point, where you could see far. I find the view in this picture absolutely wonderful :-)


The sun kept on peeking out from behind the clouds, and the fields were peppered with poppies and corn flowers and daisies - I think it must have been a biodynamic farm, because normally you don't see many flowers deep in the fields.

Poppies are so pretty, and Kristian picked one for me. Thus he learned how short-lived a poppy is, once you break the stem. So from now on I think he'll leave them standing prettily where they grow.


We took a trip to Ebeltoft, and actually I have never been there before. The town is so picturesque, it is almost a kliché. Small, cobbled alleys with low houses, where the hollyhocks are trying their best to take over.


Neatly kept houses exist harmonically side by side with idyllic decay - I hope they leave this door just the way it is.


All over there was loveliness and beauty, and when our eyes were filled up, we topped off our tummies with a great big belgian waffle with ice cream and drove on. We had a plan - namely of visiting Skandinavisk Dyrepark - and we didn't regret that. But more of that later!

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Roberta said...

Wow I am in love with this place!
I dont think I ever visited Ebeltoft, although I do remember some nice drives around with you know who. I love Denmark countryside better than the big towns, or maybe it was the lack of real good company, but alas I got a bit sad , missing you and missing the land!