Saturday, June 30, 2007

The soldier, the graduate and the birthday girl

They were all here this weekend.

Actually I took a pic of Bodil friday morning, she was opening her presents, smiling. It didn't turn out well, so ... instead, here she is friday evening when her big brother came home...


Notice the discreet glimmer of gold on his shoulder. These are the needles he has been aiming for the last 3 months. Close up they look like this:


They required some hard work - his feet held up the worst, and the following picture is not for the faint - it will scare off prospective Queens Guards...


His left foot is one big blister, and his big toe nail on the right foot doesn't look too good. I think it is going to come off - this is what happens when loads of rain wash off the protection on your boots and soak them through.
His feet didn't stop him from going out yesterday. There was celebrating to be done, and perhaps a few beers could ease the aches...

Today we celebrated Bodils birthday with my mom and Brunos parents. Bodil had lots of nice presents and some money too. Kristina and Andreas came here too - and we finally got a look at Kristinas graduation hat!


Nice huh??

Now they have gone on to another graduation party somewhere, and the house is quiet. And we are on vacation now - for 3 weeks :-)


Roberta said...

Hey so great to see all those smiles!
Sounds like one happy family!

You must be so proud of Andreas!

Please do post pics of your trip soon!


Lizelotte said...

I am terribly proud of him - continuously!

Hey I have to leave for France and get back home before I can post :-)