Monday, June 4, 2007

Mr. 503 km.

My Bruno is no mr. 64% - he is a nearly organic bikerider, only doped by red wine and good food. Now, though, I can call him mr. 503 km. - that is how far he managed to ride, before a sore bottom forced him to stop at 8 o'clock yesterday morning.

He was a bit annoyed - he still had a good number of km's in his legs, believe it or not...

My share in the event was, that I had a crew job at the cafeteria saturday night, helping out with different things from 19.45 to 00.00. I was part of a team that was serving food and wiping tables in the food-tent, and brewing coffee and tea. I was also helping in the checkout tent, where there was a table with chokolate, fruit, sandwiches and other things to the riders, that just wanted to grab something on the go.

When I got to Middelfart, Bruno had been on his bike for about 10 hours. He'd done marvellously - in spite of his plans of not going to fast and using up his strenght too quickly, he had made the 125 km route twice, the first time doing an average of 30,6 km/hr and the second time doing 29,6 km/hr - wow!!

He didn't look beat at all, when he came in, 11½ hour after starting, as you can see here:


I had plenty to do in that coffeetent! About 10 pm it rained briefly, and suddenly EVERYBODY wanted coffee --- I brewed and brewed and could hardly keep up. But it was fun!

I was done with my shift and drove home around 00.30, and 7 the next morning I woke up again - I had to get up and check Brunos status online. Being up, I might just as well grab som bread and go to Middelfart - and cheer my love though his last km.

It was about 7.30 when i got there. There was a lot of activity in the goal area, and the first spectators were starting to show. The drivers were still on the night route of 16 km, so there were frequently riders going by.

Around 8 Bruno came in. He was looking really good, but he'd decided to quit as soon as I showed up - his butt was really causing him a lot of pain, no matter how he sat on the saddle. At that time he'd just rounded the magic 500-mark, so he'd attained his goal.


This is how good you can look after 22 hours on bike and 503 km on your trip counter! I was very proud of him! I think he made around nr. 89 in 220 participants - I think that is a job well done!

Yesterday he was tired. We stayed in the goal area until 10 and cheered Carsten, who was doing his last rounds. Then we packed the tentwagon and drove home. Bruno got himself a well deserved and much neede shower, and som lunch. Then he laid down to sleep for a few hours, and got up again.

He just had to watch a bit of the last stage at the Giro d'Italia.


Was it a good stage, Bruno?

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