Monday, June 4, 2007

Parents day for my soldier boy

Saturday was open camp at Høvelte, where Andreas is serving. Bruno was riding his bike, so I drove off with Kristina seated shotgun and carrying a card and driving instructions, and Bodil and Kristian in the back.

Boy, we had a hard time finding the way there! We got completely lost at one point, so we pulled into a gas station to ask directions. The first thing we saw there was a BIG poster advertising ... a GPS system ... with the catchphrase "STRESS FREE VACATION?"... we tugged at our hair and laughed!

We did manage to get there - a bit delayed, but better late than never! We were all exited to see where Andreas spends his weekdays...


When we finally got to see him, Kristian and Bodil were all over him - it took a while before Kristina got a chance to get a good-to-see-you-hug...


I hate to admit it - but I get all fuzzy and motherly-proud seeing him in that uniform - he is surely the bestlooking of the bunch! I never thought it would affect me like that - but it does, and I can't explain why. I am not a great patriot or a militant person in any way ... but still...

First we went to see his quarters. Its a small room with 12 beds (bunks) in it, and a bunch of beat up closets. Bruno laughed when he saw the pictures - the beds and closets look just like they did when he was in the army, 30 years ago!

Bodil and Kristian tried on his helmet and his backpack.
Bruno says that at least those items have been upgraded since he was a soldier...


He looks like its real heavy --- good thing that backpack was empty! :-)


Bodil looks like she is in a musical with the title "Girls in Arms"...

There were lots of displays. Andreas' squadron (or whatever its called) had a stand, where they served field rations ... so Andreas, Kristina and Kristian munched on powder mash...
Kristian and Andreas checked out a jeep, set for the field.


Kristian also got to shoot with a real gun - blanks, fortunately! He killed 3 enemies (cardboard enemies, that is), and seemed to have a real good time, even though the gun was awful heavy.


I went along and took pics, and dearly regretted that I forgot earplugs for myself - those things REALLY make noise!!

The grand finale was the tattoo ... Boy its going to be exiting to see Andreas in a uniform like that!!


After that, there was only afternoon appeal left. We managed to stand right behind Andreas - and after that we drove home. And of course we lost our way, going home ... but not as much as trying to get there .... I surely want a GPS!! If I repeat it often enough, I might even get one...


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