Sunday, June 3, 2007

A crazy busy day

Its been a busy day!

We left at 9.20 to go to Høvelte to see where Andreas spends his time.
We didn't get back until 18.15 this evening, and then we had to hurry to make lunch, coz I had to be in Middelfart at 19.45.

Thing is, I promised to help out at the 24 hr race - the one that Bruno is participating in.
I talked to him at 20.00 - he'd been twice around the 125 km track and once around the 30 km at that point. When I left ½ hour ago, he was working his way towards 400 steadily.

Tomorrow morning I am going over there to cheer for him on the last rounds. Right now i really want my bed.

Pics from soldierday and race ... tomorrow or monday - okay??

I am proud of my crazy stubborn tough husband!!


Roberta said...

It is MONAY!!!
I want pictures of soldierday and crazy hubby!

Lizelotte said...

OKAY OKAY .... coming up...