Monday, April 9, 2007


I've been on a great picnic today.

Actually I planned to ride my bike - me and my canyon, out in the blue. But then I thought, I had enough win for a couple of weeks this friday, and with the sky looking gloomy and leadlike, I found my running shoes looking really attractive.

I haven't run for a couple of months. I sort of missed it, but I also know, how tough the first week of running is, once you are out of shape. The energy to start has not been present - for even though running like all other types of exercise gives you extra energy, you do need to invest more than you get starting up.

So I've been waiting, knowing deep inside that the day would come, when my running shoes almost on their own would jump on my feet and drag me out there.


That day arrived today. I took the car over Lillebælt bridge, because even if I could easily run or bike over there, I wanted all of my running trip to be in the forest, on the soft paths, and I know that I would be sweaty once my session was over - and then riding over the bridge with the cold wind beating hard from one side is a CHILLING experience...

The forest is wonderful at the moment. In one moment it will burst into green. It is now so warm, that the forest soil smells sweet and fresh, and the sensation of forest path under my running shoes is one of my favourite ones.

Againgst all odds I ran quite easily and had no sensation of old, rusty hinges - an all too common one on first runs.

I resisted the temptation to prolong my trip because of the easiness, but kept within the planned half hour of running. Now I an enjoying the payback - no sore knees or shins. Just that good feeling in my body.


Roberta said...

I am glad you had such a good time!

We did go over the brazilian neighbors for Sunday lunch and it was nice, Livia, the 4 months baby is adorable.
But alas I am feeling lousy today, call me the Supercramp! Me , myself and I do not sing but geee we can moan real load! Hate cramps!

Have a wonderful week!

Lizelotte said...

You poor thing! Hope you are better today!!