Monday, April 9, 2007

I go solo

By nature I am a socializing person, liking other peoples company ... but I actually prefer biking on my own.

I have taken some training sets with Baghjulet (the bicycle club), but even though they are all very nice people, and very enjoyable company, I prefer biking on my own. Me falling down with my bike last year was a factor in my choosing not to train with others - but not the biggest factor at all.

It wouldn't be like me at all to let one bad experience keep me from doing something, I really find giving and good.

Bottom line is just, that I find it more enjoyable to ride solo.

Sometimes I ride with Bruno. That is fine - if it is not too often. It is a completely different thing than when I ride on my own, and by now he's got it figured out: I really enjoy being on my own, but apart from that I find our trips very pleasurable.

Some have been deeply worried, wanting to cure me of my ailment. But I don't want to be cured. I have no taste for racing in someones hind wheel and spending a lot of energy on keeping up with (or down with) the group and rhythm, whilst keeping an eye on whether somebody in front chooses to break or swerve. To me it is ultimate freedom and joy to set my own pace, plan my own route, take my own breaks and do my own sprints.

I don't bother to join organized races. Why should I pay 200 kr. to ride behind a bunch of other people, when I can go completely for free - on my own?

I have found out how I get the most pleasure out of exercising on my bike.

I am appearantly just a solo rider.


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