Friday, April 6, 2007

Wind on my nose

In this gorgeous spring weather even a small time biker like myself can hear the roadbike whinneying in its barn.

High sun, though, is not necessarily a guarantee for warmth. One look at the thermometre, even though it is placed directly in the sun in the morning, assures med that it is not - it barely read 10 degrees celcius. So I was convinced that my spring biking outfit, that I have been sporting on my previous trips, was not for today. It consists of below-the-knee pants, windproof undershirt, my jersey and loose sleeves.

So I brought out the long pants, the winter jacket, and as an afterthought I added my nice warm shoe covers. I didn't regret any of it!

There was a cold, cold wind out there, blowing in from the side and front, all the way to Vejle.
I chose not to drive my usual route, that keeps that direction through the first traffic lights of Vejle, but to deviate out of the wind a bit before. My forehead was aching from the cold, and I nearly regretted I didn't wear my helmet hat. (It is a headcover that goes under the helmet).


So I turned against Andkær, and as soon as I turned, the wind noise and forhead pains got better. AAaaaah! The bike was also responding much more willingly, when I tried to increase speed, so I decided to reward it with a banana break in a pretty place.


Here you see me, doing what I do best :-)

When the banana was gone, I moved on. It was wonderful to be off the big road - all alone, in the fields on that tiny road I was following.

When I ride my bike all alone on a small road, surrounded by fields and forest and sky, I feel light, like that bird hanging a bit to the side above the field, singing. I am free. My heart floats weightless in my chest. It joy.

After winding my way home, my trip counter was on the good side of 50 km.

And it was only after I got in my hot shower, that I realized how COLD my bottom was! I deserved that shower .... I really did... :-)


Roberta said...

AAAW I want to be there!
It looks like you had a grand time!
I so wish I could have a bike here, even if I need to drive somewhere to use it!
WE had snow yesterday, and today we are again at -5, where did the spring went? NO HERE!

Hope to catch up with you online later, I am feeling my bubbly self today and would be great to chat for a few minutes!

Lizelotte said...

I never made it back online, I am afraid ... maybe another day...

Well it looks nice here, but its bitter cold. We get minus-degrees at night at the moment. But it is supposed to heat up a bit by next week ... I keep my fingers crossed!