Monday, March 12, 2007

Therapeutic pedaling

Today I've visited the best therapist I know.

Namely the high sky over the fields and the small winding roads. Lured out by the amazing weather I saddled my trusty iron horse and took it out into the Funen spring.

Lillebælt bridge looked like a promise. The sky and the water and the land was so beautiful, lying there squinty-eyed in the clear spring sun.


It was not the kind of exercise trip as when I ride my roadbike. I steered down small gravel roads and alluring paths, and winded my way along the coast south of Middelfart.

Past Feriebyen, the new condominiums by the water and past the rowing club. Everywhere my eye met gorgeous motives that made me stop and enjoy.


A bit after the golf course I chose to cross back into the country again. Took the road out to Svenstrup Beach. From there there is only the same way back, so I backtracked.

Crossed the main road, rode under the freeway and finally crossed Bogensevejen.

Out in the middle of a green field I felt free like spring itself. Riding parallel to the main road, far enough away that the cars were noiseless shiny corgi-toys. The sky was unreasonably blue, and a bird hung suspended over the field singing - singing - singing. The sun warmed my face, and if you met a biker in blue, with a blond ponytail and a big huge grin on her face, it was just me.


From Kauslunde I crept on, going this way and that, until I found a sign pointing me in the direction of Strib. The wind was against me at this point, but I felt like one of those happy ponies I passed - out on grass after a long winter.

I met a couple of people from my biking club, out by Vejlby fed. They were not headed in my direction, but we greeted each other merrily.

My way went through Strib, and I followed it along Lillebælt again, now headed for Middelfart. The sun made Lillebælt sparkle and I was dazzled by sunstreaks from the water in spite of my sunglasses.

Crossing back over Lillebælt bridge I met a man of the road, pushing the obligatory baby pram. We greeted each other kindly, and I felt a little related with him - one with the road and momentaneously free.

Nearly across the bridge I stopped and waved goodbye to Funen.


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