Sunday, February 25, 2007

Who am I etc

If you've come by here without knowing who I am, here is a little background.


I am a 40 year old - soon to be 41 - female. I live with my family in Fredericia, Denmark, and i have been writing my danish weblog for almost a year now. I decided to start this english weblog, mainly because of my friend Roberta, but also as a fun way to keep my english alive.

I have 3 children. Andreas is 19 years old and is going to be 20 this summer. He is still living at home, but it will just be a short while. He is going to serve in the Queens Guard starting april, and will not be back until december. After that, I don't think he is going to want to live at home - he will probably want to start on some education, and if he comes home, it will just be temporary. I am not worried. I can tell he is ready to take care of himself - he is a grown up young man, and I am awfully proud of him.


Bodil is 13 - turning 14 just a few weeks after Andreas turns 20. She is a lovely and lively teenager - sometimes slightly in opposition, but no more than manageable. She is very creative and is into acting. She is also good in school, and set on doing something with her life. Her hands are screwed on just right - she is a good cook and LOVES to bake cakes....


Kristian is going to be 11 in a month. He is my baby. Smart and a bit nerdy, but also fun. He is incredably loving and showers us all with hugs and kisses. His big idol is Andreas - no doubt about that. He is really good at english and school is generally a breeze for him.


My husband is Bruno. He is not the father of my children. We have been together since 2000, and even though we got each other a bit late in life, there is no doubt in my mind that he is the love of my life. We were friends for many years before we realized that there was a potential for much more. We are still friends - and playmates, lovers, partners etc etc. I keep finding new sides of him to excite me and to fall in love with. After the years that have passed, the flame is burning as brigth (maybe brighter) than ever.

Frokost i det grønne

Bruno has 2 kids - Lasse, who is 19 and is a manager at a McDonalds restaurant, and Christina, who is 25 and a student. They are great kids, and both live on their own.
All the kids are right here - from right to left: Christina, Lasse, Bodil, Andreas, and Kristian in front.


I work at a company that develop and maintain computer systems for banks. My job is on the business side - I help administrators use the systems right, and I take part in the development of new systems as well. I have been at this company for nearly 16 years, and I still like working there a lot.

In whatever little sparetime I have left in between working, spending time with my family and doing chores, I like to try to keep myself in shape. Run a little, work out a little, ride my bike when the weather is up to it.


I also sing with a bunch of girls. We have been together for many years now - I have been part of X-tetten for more than 10 years. We sing rhytmic music - jazz, pop etc - and we have great fun. X-tetten is a therapeutic group, a hobby, a network - all rolled up in one!


I like to keep myself informed. I am interested in politics and the world around me. I read books. I love to watch movies (best one this year so far was Almodovars "Volver"). And the best time of the year is when we load up the tent wagon and go south. I think we will be hitting the south of France again this year... we found this li'l camping site near Montpellier, that just looks incredible... and great for biking, as well. The kids just requires a good swimming pool, and that is about it. We lounge a lot when we are on vacation. Hang around and doze in the sun, read books and do nothing...


And if you haven't guessed it allready, I like to take pictures. Sometimes they come out amazingly well, and that thrills me to no end...



Roberta said...

Minha jabuticabinha!
This is the best gift you ever gave me!
The chance to know about you in a dayly basis!
I love to be able to see and read you and also feel incredibly proud that you have done a blog in english so I can "share" your life!
The biggest hugs and longest kisses!

Lizelotte said...

Minha doce irma! You know I can't resist you when you speak portuguese *w*

Just dont forget to write me emails sometimes as well :-)