Monday, February 26, 2007

Going through the motions

An english expression meaning "doing something without having your heart in it".

I don't like doing things in that manner, but sometimes I discover, that I am doing it - "going through the motions" in some context.

It mostly happens, when I have things going on under the surface, that steal my energy and my attention. Then some other things get to run on autopilot.

At the moment some of my blog-posts are ... "going through the motions".
Somebody pulled the covers off me. And I decided, that if it's all too much shiny pretty surface, then I'd rather shut up.

I still want there to be room for the everyday posts, and my zest for life must be a priority as usual. Not that I will turn into a confession-blogger, but I won't waste my energy writing without soul, feeling and spark.

That is it. From now on the quality goes back up - I hope.

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