Monday, February 26, 2007

Street swans

At the moment, I am a frequent guest in the city of Kolding.

It's nice, because I haven't been in the habit of "using" Kolding very much, even though I live only a 20 minute drive from the city. Most of the time, Fredericia is enough for me, so I haven't spent much time in Kolding City.

Today was such a day - where I had an errand - and on my walk through the center of time, I happened upon this amusing scenario.


The cars?? Well, they had to go around. The swans were having a cozy old time, and could care less about cars edging VERY close by their beaks. I laughed, and took pictures.


My smile stiffened a bit, though, as an ambulance with the sirens on suddenly was approaching.
But even that vehicle slowed down and maneuvered carefully around the arrogant longnecks. I didn't get a shot of that - I was holding my breath, fearing a swan massacre!

When the light turned green for us pedestrians, the swans decided to blow that popstand. At that time they had made it crystal clear, WHO was in control of the traffic situation...


I still have to smile, thinking about just how cool those swans were...



Roberta said...

Those swans are amazing! And what an experience it must have been!
You got me laughing on a very grey day! Thanks my adorable sister!

Lizelotte said...

The swans did the same to me - I thought you'd get a kick out of it :-)