Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Exhausted lower extremeties

I was out spinning tonight - for 2 hours. YAWN am I tired!!

While Bruno and I were at the fitness center, Bodil made experimental stuffing for tacos (with coconut milk and lemon???) - and cut salad etc. for dinner.

I liked it, but the boys made it clear, that they prefer the classic mexican flavour variety. Not much adventurousness here... :-)

Tomorrow - I am going to a real girl-thing. It'll be a womens locker room kind of experience, when Michala and I are going to look at Colin Firth until we drop! AND we might chat a bit in between...

The basic idea is "Marathon Pride and Prejudice" - it just can't go wrong. Not a dry knicker in the house... I am allready looking forward to spending tomorrow with this strict and highly moral lady:

1mic sir den er go

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