Monday, September 19, 2011

The ninja blogger up for adoption

As bloggers go, I've been quiet like a ninja.

I don't run around looking really mystical and killing people with unlikely objects, so I am probably not really a ninja. Actually I am big, blonde and noisy - whoever saw a ninja like that??

So you might wonder what I've been up to since I came back from my vacation. Except for working my butt off.

Well, for one thing, Bruno and I have fine-planned our trip to the US - coming up soon.
We will be visiting Roberta in Connecticut, and of course we will spend a couple of days in NYC. But we are also going to go see Niagara Falls.

Not just because I really like big waterfalls. I can't tell you if I do, because I've never seen one. Something happened, though, that made me really want to go see this one in particular.

I've adopted myself a father.

I had a great one - but he passed away in 1999, much too young - at 69 years. I've missed him, and I guess I have missed having some kind of father figure.

Frequently, I can be found present (in my online form) at a discussion forum - I've hung around there for over a year, and met some really nice people. One of them was Victor - a very smart canadian guy, 70 years young. In a thread a while ago, we got to talking about me not having a dad, and him not having any daughters. So I adopted him.

In jest, really - but we started exchanging private messages and later emails. Finding out we really like each other, we've made the adoption final :) not legitimate, but true in some sense anyway. And with Vic and his wife Pat living just a few hours north of Niagara Falls, we decided to meet up there.
So we are meeting my adopted dad and his wife for a day or so, and I really look forward to it.

Long ago, Roberta and I declared ourselves sisters. So of course, Vic had to take Roberta as part of the deal ;) A little online family, if you like. To tell you the truth, I am sure he is delighted - she is a lovely lady.

I can't wait for our trip to the US. It means a lot to me that Bruno finally get to meet with my dear Roberta and her Mike - and I am really excited to meet Vic and his wife in real life.

The internet really is an amazing thing, isn't it??


Victor Milne said...

The internet is truly amazing. I spent 40 years regretfully wishing I had a daughter as well as my two sons, and then I found a wonderful one on line. Smart, capable, funny, warm, caring. Couldn't be improved on. And then another one like her landed on my Facebook page. It seems too good to be, but it's real. I can hardly wait to meet Liselotte and Bruno ... and hopefully before too long Roberta also. Vic

Lizelotte said...

Yay! :-)