Saturday, August 6, 2011

End of vacation - what do I do??

In just a bit, I've spent all of my 3 weeks of summer vacation.

It's been good! One week in Austria, with mixed weather, but singularly beautiful surroundings, and in the lovely company of my two youngest and my better half.

We hiked, went swimming, shopped, drove around, and had the meanest wars of card- and other games.

Then we came back home, and after a couple of days doing the laundry, it stopped raining - and the weather was nice, warm danish summer weather. So it was time for caipirinhas in the garden and all sorts of food on the BBQ.

This last week we had my mom visiting a couple of days. Good times - just mentioning our trip to the local english pub (only for adult ladies) with czech beer and pub food for lunch!

Yesterday we wrung out every bit we could of our last official day of vacation! Bruno, Andreas and I were in Vejle to watch a stage of Tour of Denmark, the biggest pro cycling event in this country.

We found ourselves a spot on the worst up-grade hill, where we actually had a chance to have time to see who was coming by us :) It was great fun!

On top of that tough afternoon, we decided to let Katia be in charge of our dinner. It was - as always - a lovely pasta experience, and we went home delightfully filled up. We love Katia's pastas - the tough bit is choosing which one to have :)

Today is saturday, and officially no more vacation - - only weekend :-(
Andreas has caught a train and is on his way to Aalborg, so in a bit I will strip the sheets of the bed in the guest room and let it go back into hibernation, until the next time we have overnight visitors.

I want to clear my laundry basket, iron the stuff that needs ironing, and try to mentally prepare myself for going back to work again.

Now I've been lounging around with no shoes and makeup for great parts of the past 3 weeks, and my hair has only been washed, never styled for weeks. Can I even figure out how to put on proper clothes again? Will I be able to find my lashes with my mascara (well ... I guess ... I did do a test run yesterday)? Can I figure out how to be a professional, plan and estimate, find my way around the tasks waiting for me?
Have the boys been snoozing their days away, leaving a disaster for me to come back to? Have there been any problems, that we didn't see coming?

Can I handle a full day of work without a break of 10 minutes, lying in a couch with a book? Will my eyes even open before 8.30 in the morning??

....well, I will probably manage, even if it seems a bit unclear right now. And actually, I am looking forward to it. It will be nice to see my co-workers again, and even the drive to Silkeborg I look forward to - my oasis in time with a sound book and coffee driving up the middle of Jutland.

Right now I have half a saturday and a whole sunday, where I am just enjoying that it is summer, and that I am really not sad at all about going back to work on monday morning.

Even though I COULD have used a few more days of vacation.

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