Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer vacation is here!

Today I started my summer holiday!

For the next three weeks, I will not be found at Bankdata, my home away from home. (If you are english speaking and press the link to my workplace, just click the little Union Jack on the top right of the page).

Because - my summer holiday is here!

Well, actually I woke up with an awfully full bladder very early this morning, and while visiting the downstairs bathroom, I realized I'd forgotten to write an email this friday, to a costumer that is participating in the project I am currently heading. Making a mental note of it, I went happily back to bed and slept on - but I just had to sign on and WRITE that email to be able to fully enjoy this first real day of my vacation.

The going-downstairs-to-pee-situation actually changed today! Bruno installed the toilet, so now we can both shower and go potty upstairs ... things are really looking up! Tomorrow he plans on installing the mirror light-and-cabinet and the drawer-thingy that will hold the sink, and then - lo and behold! - we will have a fully functional bathroom, only lacking details like paper holder, towel racks etc.

About time - we took down the old bathroom in the beginning of april. But then, we have done all sorts of things up there - changed the tiles, put up new wallpaper, painted, put in a new door, and changed everything from the shower cabin and up.

This is what the functional part looks like right now:

Nice huh??
In case you wonder - and if you can't tell from the pic - we painted the walls grey. It looks good!


Bobbi Boe said...

Super NICE!

Lizelotte said...

Glad you approve, minha queridinha!