Sunday, July 25, 2010

Because I am worth it?

On danish TV they keep showing a commercial for l'Oreal wrinkle-cream!

There is this american actor - Andie McDowell - with a slightly stiff facial expression (due to something other than l'Oreal cream, I believe) who is talking about "You know, these lines, that you can actually feel!" while touching her own forehead with her fingers.

Oh the horror!! Wrinkles that you can feel with your fingers! Well, that IS the end of life as you know it, that is obvious.

I checked, and I definately felt something on my own forehead, and around my eyes.

Still, the earth didn't tremble underneath me, as if it might open and swallow my poor, middle aged, wrinkled self. But on the other hand, I make a living from what is inside my head, and not from my outside, my looks ...

...that I actually am quite fond of. Oh well, there is more than miles from Hollywood to Fredericia.

And yes. My face shows that I have done my fair share of smiling and laughing. That kind of behaviour is bound to leave a trace.

So sue me. Not that I'm worth it. :-D

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