Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring - a re-run!

Spring is here ... again!

Last week was bitter cold. We even had snow and hail pelting those unfortunate enough to be outside at the wrong time.

But today - hey presto! - spring is back.

I have been nursing a fibre-thingy in the upper back of my thigh ... right where my thigh starts to get really interesting, according to my handsome hubby. So running has been impossible, or near so. Over the winter I have gradually eased in longer and longer runs on the treadmill at the gym, starting from a minute and adding on.

Today I took my first outdoor run in a long time! I am very, very far from the shape I was in last spring, where I was training for Lillebælt ½ marathon, but I ran intervals up to 10 minutes today, and ended up doing a 4,5 km in 35 minutes or so.

No pain, except from the pain from my wheezing lungs (spinning does NOT do the same for you as running), and that I can - and will work on. I have missed my runs so dearly, and now I feel I am back on track!

I sounds a little weird to be addicted to running, but I am - it makes my body feel (and look) good, and allows me that extra slice of fresh bread and even makes a good glass of Pinot Noir go down with not a trace of guilt.

So until the next injury pops up ... I'm gonna run!

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