Friday, July 11, 2008

Home sweet home!

There is no place like home, when you have been away on vacation.

We are back at Fasanvej after a lovely vacation in Castellane - and we have one more week of off-time on our hands.

It will be used on this and that - first and foremost a huge mound of dirty clothes that clotter my washing room.

In the meantime, I can inform you of the following:

* it actually gets rather COLD at night in the alps ... one morning we measured just 11 degrees celcium.

* you can make "burning camping love* - out of powder mashed potatoes, onions, garlic and the local chorizo.

* my daughter is too cute. She attracts camping teen-boys, little kids and grown men, who comment on her unique style (to me, at least), or sprinkle fountain-water down her back.

* there are snakes in Provence. And some of them are allegedly poisonous.

* when you ask a french person "Parlez-vous anglais?" and they reply "A leeetle", you have just been presented with their complete vocabulary.

* coffee in France come in very tiny cups, and you can remove paint with it. But it is drinkable if you add sugar.

To be followed by pictures. When I feel like it :-)