Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another lovely weekend.

Friday night we went to a Mexican party with Kristians class - Bruno and I biked there, while Kristian and his dad came by car. Practical - coz then they could bring the cake I made.

It was a nice evening. There were quite a number of people we knew.

Saturday we got the house cleaned and some gardening done. Bruno cut our hedges, and I cleaned downstairs. From the morning the weather was lovely, so I started out the day by going to town on a few errands.


Axeltorv has become so goodlooking! That is where our produce market is every wednesday and saturday. Above you see our
nice new fountain, and Fredericia Bryghus in the background.

You can tell that the rebuilding of the square is almost over - the shops are returning to the produce market again! It had gotten to be a little sad.


I got the eggs I came for. There were fresh, danish strawberries - yum!


On the way out of there I was pleased to note that Fredericias ugliest house had been torn down. It looked like this:


Now, when you look up, all you see is blue sky. That is a nice change - even if Bruno is sentimental about how he put in the windows in that house - that must have been a loooong time ago!


On the way past the City Hall Square I stopped to take a picture. I promised Roberta more pics from Fredericia - she is insatiable! :-) It was a bit difficult to get the whole square, because someone transformed most of it into a water playground.


On the way home I had to visit Lund+Lund.
I had my mind set on a nice little piece of handcraft for my summer vacation - something that is not too big or too hot to keep in my lap. I had a little chat with Jytte, who is both a "neighbour" from down the street, and also the sister in law of my colleague of many years, Susanne (the other Lund).

And I DID find something really cute:


This pretty, light scarf is designed by Susanne, and you can purchase the yarn at their website, if you would like something similar. There were quite a few pretty colours, and Jytte helped me pick out the perfect trimmings. I can't wait to get started!

On the way home I thought I'd enrich your lives with a look down my tiny little street...


This is where my home is.

Sunday - it rained! I got the morning to myself, as Andreas and Kristina slept (they'd been out yesterday) and Bruno went out to bike.

I got a little work done, and after that I've mostly just enjoyed myselv - felt the warm air drifting in from the open terrace door and listened to the sound of summer rain. Got a long chat on the phone with my mom ... very cozy.

Then home came a happy Bruno-boy wit his new bike, that will be taking him over the alps later this summer.

Yes ... it has been a lovely weekend ... and I wouldn't mind for it to be just a bit longer.

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Bobbi Boe said...

Thanks for the pictures, it is hard to explain but even if some of what I experience in Fredericia was less than joyful I still have a soft spot for the town.
I am not sure if it is the architect in me but I truly enjoy looking at pictures, I have to say I see the improvements.

I am glad you had such a good weekend and I am also envy of that scarf!