Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Freedom stuck in my brain

I go around singing "FreeeeeeeeeDOM - FreeeeeeeDOM - FreeEEEeeeeDOM!" at the moment. X-tetten are in the middle of a really big project with JRs Big Band in Middelfart - and a handful of gents.


Our piece is Sacred Concert by Duke Ellington, and everyone that knows it, will recognice the fact that the word Freedom comes up a few times...

I try to learn by listening to the cd at home, so now Kristian is humming "Freedom is sweet - on the beat - Freedom is sweet to the reet complete..."

Here we have Michala - she's happy because she managed to find a Freedom-free song:


On break we have a good time. Maibrit and I have always had a thing for each other - I believe it's from when we did a duet on "Skibet skal sejle i nat" - a danish traditional love song. Now I have been banned from singing soprano, because we have Karina, who is a "real" soprano - I am a mere mezzo...


It's a break to be with the X-tetten gals. It widens my horizon and I can feel how balanced and mature I feel, when I leave from there. Maybe it's because I really re-live my teenage years in their company??


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Bobbi Boe said...

charming picture!
I never noticed your tongue is this LONG!