Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Don't trust somebody...

...just coz they are smiling!

It looks like my darling and me have been on a cozy little ride in the forest. And in the forest we have been - but cozy???? Nooooooo - you can't call it that!

It was Winter Cup in Brejning this sunday - and the perverts in Vejle Cycling Club had elected the area around Brejning and Munkebjerg to lay their posts in.

If you don't allready know - it is a hilly area. Very VERY hilly. At one point I was struggling uphill with max pulse, bloodtaste in my mouth and the urge to trow up - and I was walking the bike. But it was that steep!

I think a bit of hills are fun. But I like it to be flat as well. Get it??

We did okay, we thought, when we got in. We'd gotten 7 posts - but a couple of wrong answers and clipping the card wrong reduced our points dramatically.

Fortunately Leo and Anne-Marie from our club had a lousy day too. And Anne-Marie suffered as much as I did on the hills, it sounds like.

Damn it's lucky that it is Bruno, and not me, that is riding over the alps this august...

(Picture by: Helle)

1 comment:

Roberta said...

You totally fool me, you both look great in that picture!
I cannot possibly imagine being downhill let alone uphill right now!
But I did join the gym, not a new year resolution,just a postponed one since the gyn was under construction!
My friend Karen gave me 2 private lessons with a personal trainer as a late bday gift, but alas the trainer called yesterday with the flu so it is postpone until he feels better( he does look yuuumie thou,just looks,, *wicked grin*)

Anyways I do feel proud of you on that bycicle!
Bruno is going to the Alps?

your favourite sister!