Sunday, October 28, 2007

Meep Meep!!

... I feel a little like Roadrunner - remember him? The crazy bird always escaping Wyle E. Coyote by a hair. That is the kind of week it's been.

Busy at work - busy off work.

We did make it to dancing class, though - to note that we are STILL not quite ready to the danish championship in Jive. On the other hand, we do quite well on the english waltz - yeah!

Friday I had my female co-workers (or 4 out of the 8 that we number) from my department out here. It was a good time. I just made it home in time to prepare for their arrival, because I had a meeting in Grenå from 9 in the morning to noon.

The good thing about the meeting was that I really got to catch up on my sleep deficit on the 2 hour drive. Elis was driving - and I snooooozed all the way up there - woke up in Tirstrup. On the way home i was sure I wouldn't be able to sleep, but having forgotten both my book and my knitting, I was bored enough to doze off a bit north of Århus. And I woke up very well rested just before we got off the motorway in Fredericia.

SNOoOoORE ... 3 hours extra sleep, I would guess, right into my sleep account that has been quite overdrawn this week.

Yesterday Bruno had the winter cup testrun. Bodil and I went shopping for clothes for her. She was needing pants - and we found some for her.

About winter cup, I had decided not to join this year. But then I got an offer I couldn't refuse - Brunos partner bailed out, so Bruno suggested we made a mix team.

I gladly said yes - condition is that I get out of the december-race, that is the day after Bankdatas christmas party...

Today we go visit Brunos parents.

Tomorrow a hard task awaits. With the rest of the board of the wine club, I have to taste LOADS of wine - we are selecting wines for the christmas present, Bankdata gives its employees. About 100 wines - so we will be spitting out on the way...

It will be exciting! I keep my fingers crossed for Lene, who is also in the run with som fine wines.

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