Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mild gifts

My daughter is generous at heart.

When she has money (or candy, or cake, or...) we ALL have it. And she loves to give presents!

She's walking in town, and then she remembers that her mother has a thing for delicious chokolate, pretty cards, good coffee, orchids or something else - and she goes and buys it.

Her mother is thankful. It is a sweet and loving thing to do. But she also thinks: "Does the daughter of my heart think, that she has to buy me things to be loved?" And that thought lingers just long enough that I tell my girlchild, that I am terribly happy about her presents, but that I love her immensely, also when she DOESN'T buy me presents...

"Well, I KNOW that, mom," says the sweet lass, "but it's so nice to give you presents, you are the best mom in the world."

She does give me worries and grief sometimes, my beautiful daughter - mostly with the sorrow that can also be part of teenage life - but I wouldn't trade her for a million (or a billion, for that matter)!

Yesterday she was in her gift-mood. Had spent some of her savings on a pair of nice boots from Bianco (that she probably thought were a bit too unpractical and high heeled for her mother to cough up the money from the clothes budget), and then she'd gone gift-shopping.


This is what she got me - and I was instructed to share the chocolate with Bruno. He didn't mind.

In Kristians room awaits him a nice package - he is away on school camp and comes home tomorrow. Bodil got him a bunch of really nice stamps - she knows he is a collector, and thought of him.

I don't think she'll ever be rich.
But she is not very hard to love.

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