Saturday, July 28, 2007

Boy meets bear

We managed to get on to Gråsten today - Bruno, Kristina and myself - to see Andreas do the changing of the guards at Gråsten Castle.

When we got there, we went down near the castle premises. Normally they are open to the public, so you can go and see the gardens, but at the moment the royal family is residing there, and so it is closed.

There was a colleague of Andreas standing guard there - and there was a white sign saying that there was no access. Hrmf. No posters telling when the guard was to change, and whether it was possible to see it. No help at all.

Well, anyway, we knew it was at 12 noon, but not exactly where. Rumour spread, though, that it was right where we were standing.

So we waited patiently, and finally, at 12, things started to happen. By then, an ageing gentleman clad in green had assured us, that this was the place to be :-)

I was great to see my handsome son walk in, looking sharp in his blue uniform and bearskin hat! Bruno is still laughing at me, because I am so terribly proud!

Here is a shot at him, as they march away from the castle - he is the one under the pink arrow.

And i bjørn

Ain't he the greatest??

Right now he called and said that he is coming home in about an hour - and he is not going back until tomorrow evening. That is just great! He has been craving a day off - it's been a hard week, and persistant rumours have gone around that you don't get to go home for the first month... good thing that it was just a rumour!

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