Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blue party

WARNING: This post is purely motherly bragging and show-off... ;-)

While we were in Cevennes, Andreas had a big incident - Blue party.

I have never heard about it before Andreas started in the Queens Guard - we don't have a tradition of Guards in my family, but I guess it is the big occation. It is a party for those active in the Queens Guard - Galla dresses for the ladies and the blue parade uniform for the gents.

Of course Kristina and Andreas attended. I have been hearing about blue party all spring - and Kristina had a big project going with a dress in several layers, one of them being the modern version of a fish bone skirt.

In the afternoon the Guards paraded through Kolding city, stopping at Koldinghus, an old fort, where a member of the royal family, Count Ingolf, said a few words.

Andreas had been busy shining buttons and ironing folds in his pants (WITHOUT his mother around) - and the result was really good:


They got new white gloves for the parade - the ones, they have been practicing with, are quite worn out and covered in blood and dirt (sounds like hard work!):


Come evening, the party was on. First in formal galla and blue uniform, later they slipped into more casual, normal party clothes.

Here is Kristina and Andreas dressed to the nines:


Andreas' best buddy on his team is a guy from northern Jutland - here they are, hanging out at the bar and looking quite comfy:


I talked to Andreas sunday after the party via texting, and even through there he sounded really pleased with the party. I was glad to hear all went well - after all, there was a lot of anticipation built up over the spring.

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Roberta said...

What a handsome devil!
Of course you should brag A LOT!
Please do give him a kiss fro me the next time you can deliver it in person and tell him Kristina does look BEAUTIFUL, tell him I give my blessings!

Glad you had a good vacation!