Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Photo safari

Yesterday I had an errand in Fredericia, and I chose to take my bike for transport - the weather was so fine.

I stopped on the way home to admire the old train station. It's been many years since the trains came in and out of there - now the building holds offices, but it is still very beautiful. He was an ambitious man, the one that thought out all those details - and I just love the clock!


Further on my way I went by the harbour. I've probably been influenced by my husbands fascination of a working industrial harbour. There is so much to watch down there - great ships,
all the containers looking like giant lego blocks, with all their exotic names.


The cranes are edged sharply against the sky on this kind of crispy cool spring day. You get a whiff of the great big world being down there - and I was there in a careful manner, because there are not many curious bike photographers like me. Mostly you see trucks, delivering and picking up containers, and those funny container-movers.


You also see trucks driving under the big loading machines, where they get filled up with grain or other things loaded of the ships.


Yesterday there were also the sun, playing in the puddles and in the water of the harbour basin. It could easily put you in a good mood.


So I was - and well at home again, Andreas made tea, so we could enjoy a cup along with the nice chokolate muffins that jumped into my backpack as I passed "The Golden Oven".

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