Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fredericia and Rio de Janeiro

A business owner in town once made me aware of the fact, that Rio de Janeiro and Fredericia has something very special in common.

We were in his store, and had gotten to talking about the marvels of our town, when he brought to my attention, that Fredericia, besides from Rio, is the only city in the world with a beach right at the end of the main street.

I thought it a fun and surprising point - it is not very common to compare small, provinsial Fredericia to the metropol Rio - but it made me laugh.

And he does have a point!

Here is the view from the end of Prinsensgade, that is if not the main street, then one of the bigger streets passing through the center of Fredericia.

The view on your right:


And if you look to your left:


...but PLEASE don't tell!! I want to get my hands on a city house in the center of town, before it gets to be common knowledge that Fredericia is MUCH nicer than Kolding, Vejle and Middelfart...


Roberta said...

My dearest friend!
Thanks for the pictures of Fredericia. It was not the most happy time in my life but it was because of living there that I met YOU!
So I keep Fredericia very close to my heart.
And who said you cannot compare it to Rio?
Both cities do have this communion with nature that give them an extra charm.
Thanks for the memories!

Lizelotte said...

Not the happiest time of my life either, but hey! Here we are, at a different point in our life...

So true, I just never thought of comparing the two - but then I never went to Rio...