Thursday, March 8, 2007

International Womens Day

Do I feel connected to the concept of International Womens Day? No.

Do I think, that equal rights is an antique issue? No.

Because we DON'T have equal rights. Admitted - we have come a piece of the way, but even in Denmark, we don't have equal pay for equal jobs, and we have mind barriers in both sexes, that limit us.

I nearly vomited when I read Mads Christensens statement, that he believed that danish women should lighten up and think about how women in the 3rd world were MUCH worse off on equal rights than us in Denmark.
Subliminal message: discussing equal rights in Denmark is obsolete.

I'd like to stuff his cigar up somewhere on him!

It is good for our children, that maternity leave has been prolonged.
But it's not good for our girl children, that it is mostly their mothers that go on maternity leave due to their lower pay - thus extorting equality and the possibilities and market value of young, childbearing women professionally in comparison to the men.

I am not an old fashioned womens lib'er, and I haven't been bottle fed with bombastic opinions of the seventies movement. My mother was a family mother from the province - and I hardly think wicca and loving your monthlies were an issue in her neighbourhood.

I have a prenounced distaste for any kind of movement that resemble religion. For that reason I have a slightly distanced relationship with things like International Womens Day.

So instead of the raised fist, I'll gently raise my arm and wave a friendly V-sign in your general direction and say: "HELLO SISTER ... where ever you are..."


Anonymous said...

happy day for you! takecare ;)

Lizelotte said...

You too, Alice! Bom dia...

Roberta said...

I agree with you a million times!
Happy Sister Day a day late!