Thursday, March 29, 2007

About winning my laughter back...

As I have mentioned earlier, I have been angry for some time. Annoyed, sourly, aggressive.
Wondered what the heck my co-workers were laughing at smiling at, when there in my opinion was nothing funny in sight.

I have worked with myself, and I have had a time-out. It has worked, I can tell.

By nature, I am easygoing and funloving. I survive by spotting the crooked and crazy angles on things, and I have laughed my way through many a crisis - some times with tears in my eyes. When I am my normal self, that is, and I haven't quite been that.

Yesterday I could tell that my laughter was back. Like a spring delayed.

I heard myself laughting at she oddest, silliest things at work. I felt the surplus energy to turn things a quarter around, making them crooked and absurd.

The day is brighter this way. I have gotten my laughter back.


Roberta said...

I am TRULY glad you got your laughter back!
Being mad or sad are also part of life, I hate when people say they are always happy because I know they must be so NOT in touch with themselves!
But that should be a small part of your time, the most you should spend laughing yourself silly because no matter what, life is just way too short!

Cheers to my sister's laughter!

Lizelotte said...

:-) beijos, minha doce irma...