Saturday, February 17, 2007

Guest season

Tonight we are having a couple of friends over for dinner. It is the start of a long period, where we are going to be having company every weekend!

I look forwards to it - we haven't seen too many people since the beginning of december, when Bodil fell ill with mononucleosis.

The menu for tonight is a greek dish with chicken simmered in a white wine/tomato sauce, with artichoke hearts and black olives ... yummy. For dessert we are having Liselottes american apple pie (sorry - the recipe is in danish... I know...but the picture is mouthwatering).

In a minute we are going shopping - to the market for veggies, and the supermarket - and I look forward to it. Later we will do some much needed hoovering (vacuuming for the americans) and get the chicken started - I can't wait!

Our guests are Anita and Jan, and perhaps their daughter Trine. It's been a long time - it will be delightful!


alice said...

dear liselotte, thanks so much for your e-mail. what a wonderful surprise! i loved it. and im much happy with this new blog of yours. i love apple pie. love it. can i came over for dinner? takecare!!!

(you must be a very nice person. it's good net have aproached us)

Lizelotte said...

Alice, just come by when ever you want! The apple pie is all gone, but if you give me a bit of time I will make you a new one! :-)

Maybe my next blog will be in portuguese - but you and Roberta will have to give me lessons first :-)