Sunday, February 18, 2007

The banana project

I postponed it and postponed it again.

I tend to do that, when I have to do something, that I am not quite sure how to tackle, and that doesn't have a deadline that is right NOW...

Kristians fastelavns costume....

You fabricate a cardboard tube, round it off at the top, cut a facehole.
Dress it with some plate cotton, coat it with light yellow fabric.

Then you cut some foam rubber, glue it together and make holes for the armes - a bit of yellow paint and such...

Do you believe it? I don't - any more!

The cardboard tube thing went allright. The fabric bit was a little tough, but do-able.
The foam rubber body on the other hand ... did you ever try glueing that stuff together?? No???

I can inform you, that it's possible, and the glue lasts for about 5 secs after you take hold of the thing. So.... I was in for a bit of needle and (double) thread, and DAMMIT it took forever!!!

I was grumpy and pessimistic, and Kristian, that sweet child, said: "It's allright, mom - I'll just wear the head and be half a banana."
When the body looked like it might be successfull, I became unsure whether the spraypainting would suffice to make the banana yellow.

Kristian said: "It's allright, mom, then I'll just be a white banana." :-)

Here is a picture of the half finished banana body, looking a bit like a pod from the movie "Invasion of the body snatchers."


What ever did I do to deserve such sweet kids? I have been lucky! The dear li'l ones have stood by me with cuddles, pats, hugs and so on, and I actually think we might end up with a nice banana costume by now.

At the moment it's drying in the laundry room - after being spraypainted in the dazzle of car headlights on the dark lawn.

I swear I'll NEVER make another banana costume!


Here is a slightly white banana at the first tryout - before the paint came on.


Roberta said...

It does look like it will be a fantastic banana!
But I have to ask you: WHY A BANANA?
Not that I have anything against bananas just never really thought about it as a costume!
Although there is a Carnaval lil song that says something about a Chiquita Bacana from Martinica that is dressed in a Banana Nanica( is a tinny banana) skin!
Hope he has tons of fun!

Lizelotte said...

Well, I was browsing the internet for ideas, and this came up... it looked deceitfully easy, and Kristian liked the idea - hence, the banana... :-)