Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Me and the US of A....

Stuff I love about USA (in random order):

  • how nice, helpful and service minded people are.
  • italian sausage on pizza.
  • hell - italian sausage on ANYTHING!!
  • shopping ... stuff is so CHEAP! (If you see the economy going up in october, that was me).
  • the absolutely stunning beauty of New England
  • how you can order anything at a restaurant (like, if you want your burger without a bun or with two buns, or with whipped cream ... anything goes, I think!)
  • the style of houses - be it the pretty wooden houses or the amazing glass towers.
  • the diversity of the culture, and how everybody knows where their family is descended from.
  • breakfast. You gotta love pancakes with syrup and all the eggs ... and oh, the wonder of breakfast sausages!!
  • starbucks. Because they serve proper coffee ;)
Stuff I wonder about USA (also in random order):

  • why they serve dark brown water and call it coffee?
  • why you have to pay tips - why don't they just pay people a proper wage?
  • the sizes of helpings in restaurants. No way I could ever eat that much. And I have the appetite of a lumberjack.
  • why so many people that claim to be christian bitch so much because they have to chip in when people of no financial means get ill...
  • when the otherwise nice lady at the diner goes into a rant about the stupid mexicans and the lazy black folks Ö
  • why an advanced country has to put chlorine in their drinking water, even out of the big city (yuck - smells nasty and tastes bad!)
  • no rugbrød ... that IS a major error!
  • why people riding bikes all have their seats placed so low. It looks really funny, but must be quite uncomfortable?
  • breakfast. I'd get HUGELY FAT if I had that kind of delish stuff available all the time!

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