Sunday, July 10, 2011

Counting down

I can feel my body and mind counting down for vacation! On friday, my vacation starts.

3 weeks - I look forward to it every single year. Much as I like my job, I really dote on my summer vacation.

This year part of it will be spent in Austria - in a province called Kärnden. My husband, myself and the two "little ones" (15 and 18 years old) will be going there to hike in the gorgeous landscape. Meanwhile, Andreas - my oldest (24) is coming home to mind the house.

The rest of the vacation we'll just enjoy not having to do anything :)

At the moment, I put in extra hours every week. I am momentarily stationed in Silkeborg, a drive of an hour and 15 minutes each way. So many mornings, I get up early in order to be there at 8. I drive in the wee hours of the morning with my sound books, my coffee and my cheese sandwich, through pretty morning landscapes, and I return again in the afternoon. Most days I am home around the same time I normally would.

But I still feel the extra hours, and the extra tension it gives to know we have a huge task to accomplish before next fall.

We are converting a big bank into our system complex, and a lot of functions need to be added to our existing systems before that can happen. That is what my team and I do. And I am acutely aware of each week that passes.

But when I go off on vacation, I will cleanse my mind of any thoughts of work. I will enjoy spending time with my family, I will take time to read books, sleep late and just generally enjoy myself.

I will recharge my batteries, and be ready for the hustle and bustle when I return.

I am counting down!

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