Saturday, April 30, 2011

Revival of me & my blog

So, spring has really come to Denmark!

These past 2 weeks we've had almost-summer-like temperatures, and I, for one, overdid it completely.

I don't know how many days off people have in other countries - I remember the US having not very many days off around easter - but here we have thursday, friday and monday off around the easter weekend. Also, the vacation days you get at work expire on may 1´st and then you get a new batch. So I took 3 days off before easter to enjoy a full 10 days of r&r.

My days off were great! Lovely weather, spending time in the garden, hanging out with my kids ... doing stuff I felt like. Wednesday my youngest son and I rode our bikes to a nearby beach - all in all 25 kms - and I guess I just got carried away with the summer spirit.

I like to ride my bike at a good pace, and even though my son is 15 and taller than me, I am still quite a bit stronger than he is. So I sort of wore him out going too fast on the way out, and that marked our pace on the way home waaay down. And I got cold, having broken a sweat on the way out there.

The next day I said to Bruno "I think I have a spring cold coming on," and boy, was that an understatement!

Because from last friday and up until today - saturday, more than a week later - I have been totally on the bench. Coughing, headaches, sore throat, fever ... you name it, I had it. And I managed to contaminate both my daughter and my loving husband - oh well, that got me company in the couch this week.

Yesterday I was still wondering whether I'd be able to make it to work on monday. Today, however, I am loads better! Not quite back in fighting shape, but I will be there in a few days.

Today, Bruno and I actually put on real clothes (as opposed to sweatpants and a tshirt), and walked downtown to see an exhibition on the plans for the new neighborhood that is going to be developed on the site downtown where we once had a huge fertilizer factory sending out its poisonous fumes. It looks like it is going to be a great place in 15 years from now.

We actually mused on the possibility that this could be a great place for us to buy an apartment when we retire :)

Well, the point of this post was really how I wasted an entire week of lovely spring weather nursing a stupid case of influenza. And how I am now rejoining the living.

And how I thought I'd revive my english blog in the process ;-)

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